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Hollandia Premium 5% 330ml Dós

frá Hollandia
Vörunúmer 500201-24
5.328 kr
24stk -

A light beer, brewed with high-quality hop, wheat, malt and pure water. Smooth in flavour with a bitter that manifests itself in the aftertaste. Light-coloured and clear beer with a sweet nose of grain and citrus fruits. On the palete, this continues with the sweet-bitter flavour of hop and malt, tones of citrus fruits and a clean aftertaste. A quick finish concludes with a slightly bitter tone that leaves a dry finish

Type Pilsener
Ingredients Water, wheat, malt, hop extract
Fermentation Low fermentation
Aroma Sweet, malt, hop and citrus fruits
Flavour Grain, hop and malt
Color Light-coloured, EBC: 7
Clearness Clear
Bitterness EBU: 22
Texture Light and carbonated
Combines with Deep-fried snacks such as Calamari (squid rings in beer batter), young cheeses, Asian dishes, hearty and spicy meat dishes, charcoal grilled meat dishes.

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